Al-Fattah Marketing

HCPL Developers and Marketing is pleased to announce its new destination Al-Fattah Marketing. Al-Fattah Marketing is the project of HCPL which will have its own targets. Al-Fattah Marketing will purely deal the marketing of HCPL Developers commercial projects and all its inventory. Al-Fattah Marketing have excellent team of Sales Consultants who guides and suggest each profitable investment opportunity to its clients. Our Sales team’s knowledge and appreciation of commercial real estate means we know and see the things that others miss or don’t understand intuitively. That gives you a powerful edge. Plus, clients don’t have to waste time explaining the industry or market to us because we live and breathe it every day.


Al-Fattah Marketing focus on provide affordable luxury and profitable investment opportunity for each individual. Either they are business tycoon or an individual who dreams luxury on their hands. So with its clear mission Al-Fattah marketing dreams that everyone can have blessed life even in this current political situation. And if someone invests with the HCPL by the end of the day, his assets horizon must be expended.